redefined...mother agency and worldwide placement...

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Kaback Model Management is a Management Agency for Fashion Models… known as a Mother Agency inside the modeling world. A Mother Agency finds/scouts/discovers new faces and educates, develops and proposes them for the international modeling Industry when ready, and strategically places the models with the right agencies to start their international modeling career.

Kaback Model Management is a reputable and Legit Mother agency with STRONG relationships with the TOP Fashion Agencies in NY, all over the US, Asia, Europe and South America. KMM also places their young talent with a local agency in their closest city to gain experience while still in school and the models travel (with a parent) to LA, NY, Miami or abroad on their school breaks to build their books (portfolio.)

The Director of KMM is Alycia Kaback, a current producer and author that has worked for over 10+ years in NY and internationally and has been trained hands on by the top agencies of the world, frequently helping her agencies with open calls even while producing and investing in film and stage and signing new faces just for fun.

Miss Kaback is also the director of scouting for COLBY / KMM. And frequently travels to Mother agencies in NYC and LA to meet with all the modeling agencies and their models to place in Tokyo, China NYC and London. Because of these frequent trips, Alycia has very strong relationships with both national and international agencies.

Miss Kaback is known for having a sharp eye for Editorial models- quirky & interesting and stunning & exciting new faces, usually finding models that never thought of themselves as a Fashion model.

Kaback Model Management specializes in being a Mother Agency for AMERICAN Models. KMM is based in Philadelphia. Most come to NY for open calls, when the best agencies do not hold open calls and are not prepared or ready and then are told NO, and the model thinks it's because she doesn't have what it takes, when really, she had no one to prepare her for the meeting (develop her) or didn't get a chance to meet the right agency for her.

This is why the European, Asian and South American models rule the Fashion world because they have mother agencies in their home countries developing them (building their book by sending them to smaller cities first to gain experience, confidence and learn to move/walk), getting them ready (body and mind (Personality!!)) and proposing them to the top agencies in NY and abroad. Mother agents have their backs, proposing them until they are signed and working. The Mother agent BELIEVES in the models potential and doesn't stop until they are placed and working and HAPPY! Most of these foreign models have already worked in their home city or Asia before coming to NY-Prepared.